What I Stand For

CAMO stands for Chris Austin Marketing Officer. As a Fractional CMO, I help brands listen to their customers to create successful marketing programs. Beyond being a good listener, I stand by the below set of values and beliefs.


The truth is always there, but often remains unsaid because it’s awkward or creates risk for the messenger. To me, there is a bigger risk in holding back. It’s a very difficult less to learn. I greatly value the trust that’s been placed in me so I share the truth as I see it.


I have the ability to simplify the complex. As a wise man once said, “We’re not performing rocket surgery here,” so whether it’s in marketing, in copy, or in your industry, I eliminate what’s not needed in order to create clarity and consistency.


ABL (Always Be Learning) is my daily mindset. Being curious and asking the right questions have always provided the strongest insights in marketing and in life. I approach a business challenge as much more of journalist than marketer.


I started out as a copywriter and creative director where I loved to dream up and deliver big ideas. Now, my creativity serves me by finding unique solutions to the business challenges a company faces.


Positivity has always been a trait that I looked for when building a team. Being an optimist and having a positive attitude are part of my natural state and I find it difficult to work with people who have a negative outlook. It doesn’t mean I can’t see bad things on the horizon as protecting a brand is just as important as building one.


I price services based on the value to your business instead of the amount of hours it takes to complete a task. I try to avoid antiquated hourly billing and have eliminated the need for media commissions.


I save both money and time. For cost, as a part-time CMO I’m saving against a full-time salary. Compared to an agency, you’re not paying to onboard staff, by the hour for every person sitting in an unproductive status meeting, or for work from junior people.

Hustle & Humility

For me, these two go hand-in-hand. I’ve accomplished a lot by listening and learning, and never assuming my way was the best way. That approach, combined with a Midwestern work ethic (Go Chiefs!) equals the ability to find solutions and get the job done.


I’ve been blessed so I make sure I share with others. CAMO Marketing contributes time and money to charities that feed the hungry, provide education, support veterans, and create opportunities through youth sports.


Everything I do is for my family. I started CAMO Marketing so I could spend more time with them and spend more time wherever we wanted to be, whether the beach or the mountains. I include this one so you understand I have the right priorities, that I break for dinner, and your strategy brief may not come until after bedtime.

About Chris Austin

After 25 years in marketing and advertising, I know it is these values that have led me to continued success. Having a diverse set of roles and experiences throughout my career has given me the vision to see business from all sides and I know the blueprint for how to both build and protect a brand.