Every Company Should be a Media Company

I was an early guest on Fractionals Unplugged with Jay Kingley. (It was actually Episode 2 and called The Best Kept Secret early on.) I delivered the same message I’ve told anyone that would listen for the past decade – every company should think and act like a media company. The best way to accomplish that is to create great content, and great content comes from talking to your customers. They’ll tell you what they want to know and should drive all of the content you create.

Why Great Content is Great Marketing

Listen to Chris’s Provocative Perspective on how to supercharge your marketing with content that engages, is distributed through the right channels, and what you need to do to make sure it’s seen.

Podcast Episode Highlights

“You can’t just think like a media company. You have to become a media company,” says fractional CMO Chris Austin in Episode 2 of Centricity’s The Best Kept Secret show. Marketing requires every type of business to become a media company. It’s not about becoming the next Netflix, but your content must educate, entertain, and engage in attracting customers.

02:01 Become a media company no matter what your business is

03:20 Two audiences for your content but don’t forget distribution

05:50 Three goals your content should achieve

11:58 Drive more revenues by acting like a media company in your marketing

16:12 Steps you need to take to drive your content marketing activities

21:14 Learn about Chris

Listen to the Fractionals Unplugged Podcast Episode with Chris Austin.