Take a listen to Episode #160 of The Hard Corps Marketing Show where I do some myth-busting and around content marketing. Here are some of the highlights:

  • “Really great content is halfway, until you have a distribution plan it’s not going to be effective.” – Chris Austin
  • Building an ecosphere around your content entails having a centerpiece of content that is your main focus such as a video, a podcast, or a presentation, and then building small pieces of content from that centerpiece to promote it and draw in your target audience.
  • There are three aspects that make up a great content campaign, engagement, education, and entertainment.
  • Engagement goes beyond clicks and shares.
  • Your content needs to provide value to your buyers, educate them on a solution that speaks to the problems they are having.
  • The framework to create an entertaining piece of content is SMASH, Speed, Music, Asymmetry, Spontaneity, and Humor / Honesty. (From Penn Holderness of The Holderness Family)
  • The eight steps of the content marketing process are 1) Audience ID 2) Content Ideation 3) Keyword & Competitive Research 4) Interviewing Internal Experts 5) Producing Content 6) Share & Amplify 7) Measurement and 8) Repurpose.
  • Try to always be learning, see what you can soak in from the people around you.
  • A double funnel looks at the second funnel that occurs after the buyer makes their purchase. The purchase is only the halfway point. After the purchase, you need purchase satisfaction, for them to join the community around that purchase, their recommendation, and then their referral.

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