CAMO Marketing Recommendations for Retail Jewelry

Over my career, I’ve led marketing for industries as diverse as Travel & Tourism, Higher Education, Technology, Financial, Sports, and the list goes on. Since striking out on my own as a fractional CMO in 2019, I have had the pleasure of serving a diverse list of clients including Supply Chain, Healthcare, Banking, and Retail Jewelry. My approach of listening to the customer, clearly defining the brand, and simplifying the marketing message is effective across industries, regardless if we’re selling vintage watches or warehouse management systems.

For the jewelry industry, along with other retailers, it is apparent to me they often overlook social media sites beyond Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, particularly LinkedIn and Reddit. InStore Magazine, the retail jewelry industry’s leading trade publication, published my recommendation to retailers to include Reddit in their Mother’s Day media planning.

Why Reddit Should Be a Part of Your Mother’s Day Marketing Plan

This is my first article for InStore Magazine. Keep an eye out for future articles for jewelry industry marketing covering LinkedIn advertising, leveraging AI, retail SEO, and using WordPress with WooCommerce.